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June 20, 2013

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Today on The David Pakman Show / June 20, 2013

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On the Show:

–World View with Denis Campbell, Editor-in-Chief of UK Progressive Magazine, discusses the latest “election” in Iran which saw a replacement for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad elected President, and that is Hassan Rohani.

–The Atlantic Wire asks whether Wikileaks is trying to start a Michael Hastings FBI death conspiracy?

–As the IRS scandal becomes even less scandalous, the Cincinnati IRS manager in question explains he is a a conservative republican, and says there was no unfair political motivation for the Tea Party targeting.

–FBI Director Robert Mueller acknowledges the use of surveillance drones inside of the United States.

–Hispanic Republican Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart gets heckled to ‘learn English’ at Tea Party rally.

–Huge protests in Brazil continue, originally starting over an increase in the price of public transportation, and growing over concern related to corruption, spending, poverty, and more.

–In response to a previous story involving the rape and killing of a 4-month-old baby, we discuss whether violent pedophiles can be treated or rehabilitated.

–Cooking show host Paula Deen gets caught being incredibly racist.

–Futurist Ray Kurzweil says that we’ll be uploading our entire minds by 2045, and that our bodies will be replaced by machines in 90 years.

–Voicemail on Marco Rubio, Miss USA, and baby masturbation.

–On the Bonus Show: CA bar has heels-only rule, Kim Jong-Un likes Hitler, Pope John Paul II to be sainted, more…

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