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June 2, 2010

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This Week on Midweek Politics with David Pakman / June 2nd, 2010

Total Running Time: 60:00

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This Week’s Topics:

–Kuzma Tesvich, fourth generation oyster fisherman in the area off the coast of Louisiana affected by the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill, joins us live to discuss the effect of the oil spill on his family business, whether and how much BP paid him, how much they will pay him in the future, whether he or friends have gotten sick from the chemicals, whether we should be drilling offshore for oil, and states that it could be years until his business gets going again.

–Democratic Congressional candidate from California Marcy Winograd joins us live to discuss her campaign and upcoming primary election.

–Do not be confused…the reason the oil spill has not yet been stopped is money.

–BP and their changing concerns over what the biggest threat is from the oil spill, depending on what they have a shot at stopping.

–The anti-government crowd is flooding Midweek Politics with emails claiming this is the fault of the government for allowing the BP oil rigs to be built, but are incredibly hypocritical since they are the biggest advocates of reducing government intervention in business.

–The new irresponsible conspiracy theory is that Democrats want the oil spill to keep going because it will make a stronger case against offshore drilling.

–Chris Manz is back for Democrastreet Wow, Sarah Palin edition.

–Why Obama is having trouble getting traction and dropping in the polls, and whether being “The Decider” might have something to do with it.

–Liz Cheney says President Obama thinks saying something makes it so, and hilarious enough, Liz would know about that, given the comments that her dad, former Vice President Dick Cheney, has in his quote book.

–A Puerto Rican man is threatened with deportation to Mexico, although he did not come from Mexico, after Illinois authorities took over three days to figure out if he is a US citizen.

–The Joe Sestak frenzy on Fox News, and how it resulted in a ton of extra traffic to the Midweek Politics website from Wikipedia.

–Following up on Rand Paul, who now has added that those born in the US should not necessarily have US citizenship, and that we should monitor illegal aliens via satellite.

–New stations in California, a new poll about the oil spill and offshore drilling, and a ton of critical emails related to Rand Paul.

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