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June 19, 2017

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–On the Show:

–Our long-form investigation into political correctness, including a history of the term, and whether it is too liberally or conservatively applied in modern culture

–A 48-year-old white man kills one and injures ten after driving a truck into a crowd of mosque-goers following evening Ramadan prayers in Finsbury Park, London

–Donald Trump confirms that he is under investigation for obstruction of justice in a tweet that appears to criticize his own Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein

–A Twitter user by the name of Rejento tweets out a clip from the movie “Airplane” that has David’s face superimposed on a passenger

–President Trump brags about a Rasmusen poll that has his approval rating at 50%, while a new Associated Press / NORC poll finds that 61% of Americans believe he committed obstruction of justice by trying to impede or obstruct the Russia investigation

–Although Attorney General Jeff Sessions said under oath that he doesn’t believe he had any contacts with American lobbyists or agents representing Russia during the 2016 campaign season, lobbyist Richard Burt says otherwise

–Russian President Vladimir Putin makes a tongue-in-cheek offer of political asylum to former FBI Director James Comey

–Former basketball star Dennis Rodman makes a five-day visit to North Korea and provides a government official with a copy of Donald Trump’s “The Art of the Deal”

–Voicemail delivers eloquent slam poetry trolling David and Pat

–On the Bonus Show: Oregon adds third gender option to driver’s licenses, woman sues casino for offering dinner instead of $43 million jackpot, Pence to speak at John Hagee’s conference, and much more…

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