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June 14, 2018

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–On the Show:

–Progressive Democratic candidate Summer Lee has defeated incumbent Democratic Pennsylvania State Representative Paul Costa and joins David to discuss her platform and campaign

–Donald Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen has been abandoned by his legal team, which is quitting, and it is now very likely he will flip and cooperate with federal investigators

–As Donald Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen loses his legal team and will likely cooperate with investigators, the Trump team’s campaign to discredit Cohen will continue to ramp up

–Notable discussions from the David Pakman Show subreddit, including one thread pointing out that earlier this week, David and conservative Ben Shapiro agreed on numerous political issues

–The Trump administration’s staff implosion continues as CBS News reports that both Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah will be leaving their jobs

–Special prosecutor Robert Mueller has announced that Russian actors are currently, actively meddling to interfere in the upcoming 2018 midterm elections in the US

–Fox News’ Shep Smith tells the unvarnished truth about the Singapore summit, pointing out that Donald Trump gave Kim Jong-un everything while getting nothing in return

–Voicemail caller notifies David that her that she is having trouble access the Guardian’s website and The Young Turks live stream

–On the Bonus Show: IQ scores continue falling, Einstein’s racism revealed, young more religious than old in only 2 countries, much more…

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