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June 13, 2022

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–On the Show:

–Producer Pat Ford fills in for David today

–Ten Senate Republicans agree to support a comprehensive bill regarding gun control and mental health funding

–The new CPI data shows year-over-year inflation at 8.6% and the national average for gas prices reaches $5 per gallon

–Donald Trump makes a Truth Social post being critical of his daughter Ivanka after her video testimony was used on day one of the January 6th hearings

–Fox News ran interference for Trump and his allies during day one of the January 6th hearings, refusing to the play the audio from it and showing Tucker Carlson instead

–Truth Social is reportedly censoring users’ posts about the January 6th hearings in an epic display of hypocrisy for the supposed “free speech” social media platform

–Congressman Matt Gaetz says Representative Jamie Raskin shouldn’t be on the January 6th committee because the trauma from losing his son will “cloud his judgement”

–The decision about whether to indict Trump in the Georgia election fraud case should be coming in the next couple of weeks

–Kyle Rittenhouse announces he’s going to Texas A&M University, but the school disagrees and says he hasn’t been admitted there

–OAN cuts to a generic viagra commercial after doing a fluff piece about Donald Trump in a hilariously awkward transition

–Sarah Palin advances to the second round of voting in her race to represent Alaska in the US House of Representatives

–On the Bonus Show: What to expect on day two of the January 6th hearings, Fox News plans to broadcast the hearings, and much more…

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