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June 1, 2023

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— Robert Greene, author of seven international bestsellers including The 48 Laws of Power, Mastery, The Laws of Human Nature, and more, joins David to discuss his writing process, the impact of social media on thinking and society, how to find the right media diet, and much more. Get his latest book, The Laws of Human Nature, here:

— Former Vice President Mike Pence will soon announce that he’s running for President against his former boss, Donald Trump

— Former New Jersey Chris Christie is set to announce his presidential candidacy and will also challenge Donald Trump, who he previously endorsed

— Donald Trump is caught on tape admitting to taking classified documents from the White House when he left office, and knowing that they are classified

— Trump lawyer Jim Trusty fails to defend Donald Trump over allegations that he broke federal law when he took classified documents from the White House

— Ron DeSantis gives an incredibly boring campaign speech in Iowa

— Donald Trump complains that Ron DeSantis stole his “Great American Comeback” line, even though Trump stole it from Ronald Reagan

— Voicemail caller critiques David’s hypothetical Chick-Fil-A order

— On the Bonus Show: The impeachment of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, marijuana users in Minnesota cannot own firearms, woman who threatened Nancy Pelosi during Trump riots gets 2 years in prison, much more…

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