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July 9, 2019

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–Neil Irwin, author of “How to Win in a Winner-Take-All World” and senior economic correspondent at the New York Times, joins David to discuss the changing realities of work and jobs in the western world

–We have become increasingly numb to Donald Trump’s lawlessness thanks to creeping normalization and a rightward move of the Overton window

–Extreme right-wing ideology has now become mainstream discourse thanks to a successful disinformation campaign

–Child rape allegations against Donald Trump are back in the news as his alleged enabler Jeffrey Esptein is arrested for child sex trafficking

–Donald Trump throws out a protester at a recent rally after spotting him holding a picture of him with Jeffrey Epstein, and subsequently makes fun of the man’s long hair

–New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signs a bill into law that would allow the release of Trump’s state tax return to three congressional committees

–David’s $829 10-minute-long doctor’s appointment

–Voicemail caller tells David he’s a complete idiot and asks what David will do if Donald Trump gets re-elected

–On the Bonus Show: Disastrous tech issues at the show, and much more…

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