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July 5, 2017

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–On the Show:

–President Trump tweets that if Senate Republicans are unable to pass the American Healthcare Act, the GOP should just repeal the Affordable Care Act “and then REPLACE at a later date!”

–Gallup has Donald Trump’s job approval rating at a dismal 37%, while PPP has the portion of Americans who support his impeachment at 47%

–TDPS viewer Jennifer Kirrane is sponsoring the cost of four memberships to the winners of a writing contest searching for the best single-paragraph letters expressing progressive patriotism

–Hatriot Mail

–Kris Kobach, vice chairman of Donald Trump’s voter fraud commission, requested full voter roll data from all fifty states by July 14th, and so far forty-four states have refused to offer up the sensitive information

–While audience contributions have mitigated some of the effects of the YouTube advertiser boycott, The David Pakman Show’s success continues to be hindered by “adpocalypse”

–Buzz Aldrin, the pilot of the Apollo 11 lunar module, appears to be in physical pain while listening to Donald Trump’s incoherent White House press conference on space exploration

–The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy is now completely unstaffed, with three of the remaining holdovers from the Obama administration departing the division

–New Jersey Governor Chris Christie gets caught lounging on a beach he ordered closed during the July 4th holiday weekend as the result of a pointless statewide government shutdown

–Voicemail suggests David get a cat and a mountain lion as pets

–On the Bonus Show: India plants 66 million trees in 12 hours, soy ‘milk’ terminology causes controversy, car buyers stretch loan payments to get pricier vehicles, and much more…

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