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July 30, 2019

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–On the Show:

–Democrats debate tonight and we discuss which candidates will survive to the third debate in September

–Most violence is right wing, and it’s important not to be distracted from that undeniable reality

–The Democratic anti-playbook tells us what Democrats can do to ensure a Trump win in 2020

–Border Patrol detains 9-year-old American citizen Julia Medina for 32 hours despite her having the US passport with her the entire time

–Disgusting Donald Trump tells 9/11 first responders that he was “down there” on 9/11

–Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz is confronted at LAX airport with a chant of “free the children”

–A flood of horrifying emails and YouTube comments in response to our segment earlier this week about the recent anti-BDS vote in the House of Representatives

–Why can’t conservative nationalists assimilate in the United States?

–Troy York, using one of his character voices, asks David why his family didn’t consider moving to Baltimore when he immigrated to the US, if it’s such a great city?

–On the Bonus Show: Judge dismisses MAGA hat teen’s lawsuit, 10,000 step goal is overblown, economist say Trump admin overpaying for trade losses, much more…

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