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July 28, 2020

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–On the Show:

–Coleman Hughes, Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, Contributing Editor at City Journal, and host of the podcast Conversations With Coleman, joins David to discuss Black Lives Matter, bias in policing, American culture, race relations, Trump and Biden, and much more…

–The latest coronavirus numbers are increasingly suspect, leading to serious questions about their trustworthiness

–Donald Trump can still defeat Joe Biden, and nobody should lose sight of it

–Joe Biden is polling ahead of Donald Trump by 7 points in North Carolina and is ahead in other key states

–Donald Trump becomes totally divorced from reality at a press event in North Carolina, insisting he’s leading multiple states where all polls have him losing

–Donald Trump reportedly pivoted on coronavirus because he was advised that his own supporters were starting to catch the virus and die

–It turns out that Donald Trump completely fabricated the entire Yankees first pitch situation

–Furious Trumpist voicemail caller Jimmy from Philly calls to ask David for a free microphone

–On the Bonus Show: Trump’s executive order on drug prices, gym to require masks at all times, the reality of “hygiene theater,” much more…

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