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July 20, 2020

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–On the Show:

–Donald Trump is interviewed by Fox News’ Chris Wallace and it becomes a historic fiasco, with Trump interrupting the interview to try to find data that doesn’t exist, Trump referring to World Wars I and II as “beautiful,” Trump accusing the interviewer of being unable to do as well as Trump in a cognitive test, and much more

–The Trump administration has unleashed an authoritarian nightmare in Portland, Oregon, where camouflaged troops without badges are snatching protesters on the streets and taking them away in unmarked vehicles

–An explanation of how you may be getting tricked with confusing and bogus coronavirus death data, comparing deaths per capita, the case fatality rate, and the infection fatality rate

–According to a new Fox News poll, Americans believe Joe Biden is more cognitively fit to be President than Donald Trump

–Roger Stone appears to call radio host Morris W. O’Kelly a “negro” during an absolutely bizarre appearance on KFI 650AM in Los Angeles, California

–Donald Trump’s niece, Mary  Trump, tells Rachel Maddow on MSNBC that she personally hear Trump use the n-word anti-Semitic slurs

–The Eggman calls in and launches a brutal attack on Jimmy from Philly

–On the Bonus Show: Enhanced unemployment is ending, police using drones to monitor beach nudity, renewed focus on SCOTUS amid Ginsburg diagnosis, much more…

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