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July 2, 2013

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Today on The David Pakman Show / July 2, 2013

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On the Show:

–Jesse Barnett, lead singer of the band Stick to Your Guns, joins David to discuss the band’s featuring a clip from The David Pakman Show on an album, their progressive values, and more…

–A number of nations have rejected Edward Snowden’s asylum requests.

–Dog owner Leon Rosby films police in Hawthorne, California, and police shoot his dog dead on video.

–Documents show that top US Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan shielded pedophile priests.

–Barney Frank, in his upcoming book, makes the case hat heroin and cocaine should be legalized.

–An incredibly cool membership special.

–Today in show history looks back at what we were talking about years ago today on The David Pakman Show.

–Epic right-wing hypocrisy in that 12 million immigrants would be too much for the country to handle, but the 50 million unborn babies conservatives claim would be alive today if it weren’t for abortion wouldn’t have a negative economic impact.

–In a new Congressional Budget Office study, it is reported that denying women access to abortion and birth control costs taxpayers money and isn’t even remotely fiscally conservative.

–Does asexuality fall under the LGBTQ umbrella?

–Voicemail on equality and gay empathy.

–On the Bonus Show: Teen arrested for Facebook comment, Cirque de Soleil performer dies during show, Whole Foods CEO would use tax havens, more…

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