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July 14, 2017

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–On the Show:

–Producer Pat’s surprise 23rd birthday extravaganza

–Caller believes the political moderate is disappearing due to polarized media and a deterrent in Washington to reach compromise

–Caller wonders what percentage of Democratic losses are due to gerrymandering and what portion are due to poor strategy and laziness

–Caller incoherently defends his vote for Donald Trump as a result of watching Breitbart and Infowars

–Caller asks about Charles Murray’s “The Bell Curve” on the relationship between race and IQ

–Caller wonders if Republicans will be able to pass the American Healthcare Act before the August recess

–Caller elaborates on the difficulties of being married to a Trump supporter

–Audience Question: How should couples split expenses and bills?

–Audience Question: Do you ever exhibit OCD behaviors?

–Audience Question: Is it worse to fail at something or to never attempt it in the first place?

–On the Bonus Show: Two men in Britain give birth, newborn beluga whale dies at SeaWorld, drinking coffee correlated with longevity, and much more…

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