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July 14, 2011

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This Week on The David Pakman Show / July 14th, 2011

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On the Show:

–Delta Airlines charges US troops returning home $2800 for extra baggage, and David explains he has been avoiding Delta for years due to their anti-union views.

–Word of Louis bringing a knife on a plane past TSA is spreading fast, and Sir Darryl Roberts is angry about it, and calling airlines to discuss it.

–A weight loss doctor is indicted for alleged sexual assault of patients, including using vibrators on them under the guise of losing weight, and more.

–Allison Warden from explains why the world is ending on May 21, 2011, whether people are going to heaven or hell, how she got this idea, whether God is angry, and more.

–Morality with Motamedi questions whether it would be morally permissible to throw some people off of a lifeboat to save others.

–Some gay rights foes now claim they are the ones being bullied, and we explain why this is an absurd claim.

–38 percent of Americans believe the Japan disaster was a sign from God.

–A 6-year-old girl receives a traumatizing pat down from a TSA agent, and at another airport a woman is sexually assaulted by an ex-Marine.

–A new angle in the attack on women and healthcare, with a bill proposal that would require the IRS to perform abortion audits.

–Barack Obama hits up Wall Street fat cats for donations, while no Wall Streeters have gone to jail, and real campaign finance reform is nowhere to be seen on the horizon.

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