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July 13, 2021

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–On the Show:

–Protests in the streets of Cuba explode as COVID rages and the economy collapses, causing political opportunism in the United States, as countries scramble to put in place measures to stop the spread

–Republicans suddenly care about discrimination when it comes to the unvaccinated population of the United States

–Donald Trump owns the Republican Party, and ignoring him would not change that

–Donald Trump’s former election fraud lawyer Jenna Ellis quits the Republican Party on live television, but it’s all radical and pathetic

–Caller’s grandma is furious about enhanced unemployment benefits

–Caller wonders why Democrats are bad at politics

–Caller talks about the 4-day work week

–Caller discusses Republicans fearmongering about communism

–Fox News ran an on-screen disclaimer during Donald Trump’s recent lie-riddled CPAC speech to try to avoid further legal trouble

–COVID re-surges globally and in the United States, where cases are now up 69%,

–Voicemail caller appears to have angrily misunderstood what was previously explained about Haiti and the Dominican Republic

–On the Bonus Show: WHO warns against mix & match vaccines, CA Gov Gavin Newsom can’t label himself Democrat on recall ballot, 60% of millennials earning $100k+ living paycheck to paycheck, much more…

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