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July 13, 2015

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Today on The David Pakman Show / July 13, 2015

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On the Show:

–Richard Heinberg, Senior Fellow of the Post Carbon Institute, and author of 12 books including the recent release AFTERBURN: SOCIETY BEYOND FOSSIL FUELS, joins David to discuss the realities of transitioning off of fossil fuels, and the viability of the growth-based consumer economy

–Scott Walker is running for President…is he the worst Republican in the race?

–Donald Trump leads the Republican primary poll

–Donald Trump says that he will win the Latino vote

–Michael Iscenko, an NYPD Sergeant, throws semen on the woman he likes

–Noteworthy Amazon items: Taken 3, Canon Rebel T5i, Physics and Psychics

–Only one week remains in our Indiegogo fundraising campaign:

–Exxon knew of climate change in 1981 and funded climate deniers for 27 years

–Aaron and Melissa Klein, the anti-gay owners of the Sweet Cakes By Melissa bakery, were fined $135,000 and they have raised over $400,000

–An adult Jesus camp wants to convert 1,000 pastors to politicians

–Voicemail from our biggest fan

–On the Bonus Show: Following up on Hikikomori/University of Toronto’s anti-vaccine course/BP settlement, North Korea may have published pictures of a biological weapons facility, Louis discusses his trip to Big Bend National Park, more…

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