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July 1, 2019

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–On the Show:

–Sean Carroll, theoretical physicist at Caltech, host of the “Mindscape” podcast, and author of the upcoming book “Something Deeply Hidden, joins David to discuss the importance of physics in everyday live, entropy, quantum physics, and more

–Donald Trump becomes the first sitting American president to step into North Korea, which Trump did alongside Kim Jong-un

–Tucker Carlson has become Donald Trump’s de facto National Security Adviser, traveling to North Korea with Trump instead of his actual NSA, John Bolton

–Donald Trump implodes when asked about “busing” and “liberalism” during a conference in Japan during the G20 summit

–Painful video shows Ivanka Trump trying to talk to world leaders during the G20, as the world leaders clearly want nothing to do with her

–Kamala Harris is accused of flip-flopping again on Medicare for All despite the real problem being a poorly phrased debate question

–Joe Biden makes a strange “gay waiter” comment while speaking at a fundraiser in Seattle

–Voicemail caller Troy York demands the deportation of progressive media hosts Kyle Kulinski, Sam Seder, and David Pakman

–On the Bonus Show: Protesters clash in Portland, Oregon, the census citizenship question fight continues, Donald Trump, Jr. gets slammed over birtherism bot, much more…

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