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January 9, 2014

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Today on The David Pakman Show / January 9, 2014

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On the Show:

–Dan Weber, founder of Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC), joins David to discuss progressive principles going against our founding fathers and progressive revisionist history

–Chris Christie’s bridge scandal leads to a woman’s death

–Indiana National Guardsman Andrew Scott Boguslawski is stopped for speeding and arrested for having 48 bombs and blueprints for a Navy Seal training facility

–Fox News guest Art Laffer calls minimum wage “black teenage unemployment act”

–The Indiegogo campaign to bring us to 5 days a week

–An Oregon couple is busted after tipping their waitress with meth

–Deric Lostutter, the hacker who exposed the Steubenville rape case, faces more jail time than the rapists

–Teacher Laura Elizabeth Whitehurst is released from jail after serving four months for having sex with three students

–Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are the most admired citizens

–Is the reality show Dance Mom’s child abuse?

–Voicemail on TDPS bumper stickers and the term “Hatriot”

–On the Bonus Show: China lifts its ban on game consoles, Cats can hear you calling them…they just don’t care, A Kentucky lawmaker accidentally fires her gun in the state capitol, more…

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