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January 7, 2022

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–On the Show:

–Joe Biden delivers a speech commemorating the anniversary of the January 6 Trump riots and brutally blames Donald Trump

–Donald Trump’s highly triggered reaction to Joe Biden’s speech about the Janaury 6 Trump riots leads to four consecutive nonsense posts by Trump

–Caller asks whether liberals and conservatives can truly be friends

–Caller asks about the “cancellation” of the Louisiana judge caught on video using racial slurs

–Caller asks whether David might ever run for some kind of political office

–Caller asks whether random people have a real shot at defeating incumbent politicians

–Caller points out the branding and messaging problems of the Democratic Party

–Caller was shot by a rubber bullet and is now six weeks sober

–Caller asks why Republicans are suddenly silent about immigration

–Caller asks whether Trumpism is a “white person disease”

–This week’s email bag is wild

–On the Bonus Show: Messaging on COVID moves to it being “a part of life,” Texas Governor tells National Guard troops that Joe Biden is not their Commander-in-Chief, Congress considers another COVID stimulus bill, much more…

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