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January 7, 2009

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This Week on Midweek Politics with David Pakman – January 7, 2009

Total Running Time: 55:49

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This Week’s Topics:

–Michael Klare, professor of Peace and World Security Studies and the
defense correspondent of The Nation Magazine is in studio to discuss
his book-turned-documentary Blood and Oil.

–Roland Burris has his nominated for US Senator from Illionois by Rod
Blagojevich rejected by the Senate, a whole bunch of stuff happens,
and it now looks like he will soon be seated as Senator.

–Pat Buchanan suggests that Senator Harry Reid will not seat Burris
because he is African-American, which makes very little sense.

–The recount saga continues in the Minnesota Senate election between
Al Franken and Senator Norm Coleman, and although the election was
certified as having been won by Franken, the legal challenges continue.

–Dick Morris, not surprisingly, says that Franken is trying to steal
the election.

–New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson withdraws his nomination for
Commerce Secretary under the Obama administration as a result of an
investigation into improper business dealings. Some say this will
become a scandal, others say it will not.

–Barack Obama will choose Leon Panetta as his CIA Director, a man
who has no experience at all in intelligence, but plenty of managerial
and leadership experience, according to Obama.

–George H. W. Bush speaks out about media coverage of his son, talks
about Jeb Bush, and about Google.

–Senator Harry Reid insists that George W. Bush is the worst
president ever, and combined with the Roland Burris situation, is
taking a lot of heat lately.

–The upcoming inauguration of Barack Obama as President.

–The Bidens aren’t able to get into a sold out movie, and no one
seems to recognize them.

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