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January 5, 2018

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–Classic Interview: Ian Freeman, Host of Free Talk Live and blogger at, joins David to discuss the controversy over the New Hampshire parking meter ‘Robin Hood’ group putting coins in almost-expired meters to prevent strangers from getting parking tickets

–Donald Trump disbands his bogus-from-the-start “voter fraud commission”

–Caller asks whether Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro and the late Hugo Chavez are right-wing

–Caller wonders whether Cenk Uygur’s resignation from Justice Democrats should influence their candidates

–Caller proposes an intelligence test for voting

–Caller wonders how new technology like blockchain will affect voter participation

–Caller wonders if the movement against police brutality will be as effective as the movement against sexual misconduct

–Caller asks how bad it is to cover up or ignore sexual misconduct

–Audience Question: What will be the major political issues and battles of 2018?

–Audience Question: Are there ways that the American left could court Evangelical and more religious Christian voters?

–Audience Question: Are you a constitutional originalist or pragmatist?

–On the Bonus Show: One ounce of marijuana leads to over sixty arrests, a woman accidentally wins $5 million from a lottery ticket, Sean Hannity gave Trump interview questions ahead of time, and much more…

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