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January 29, 2016

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Today on The David Pakman Show / January 29, 2016

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On the Show:

–Classic Interview: Convicted killer Glenn Miller joined us for a conversation years before his murderous rampage

–Donald Trump skips a GOP debate; somehow he is still the talk of the evening

–Rand Paul gets very aggressive on Marco Rubio during last night’s GOP debate

–Ted Cruz expresses his disdain for the debate moderators and their questions

–The FBI has released an aerial video of the Oregon militia arrest and shooting; LaVoy Finicum appears to reach for something near his waist twice before being shot and killed

–Flashback: Mitt Romney releases his tax returns

–Flashback: David is erroneously included in the documentary film “Minnesota Nice?” as a gay teen who committed suicide after being bullied

–Flashback: Nevada Republican Roxanne Rubin gets herself arrested trying to show how easy it is to commit voter fraud

–Audience Question: Should it be more socially acceptable for women to propose marriage to men?

–Audience Question: What happened to Natan/Guatam/the other guy/the smart one? Where is he now, still in Israel?

–Audience Question: You’ve talked about the NFL changing the kickoff rules to increase player safety on the field. Can you talk about major league baseball and whether they should totally do away with home plate collisions?

–On the Bonus Show: Arizona teens spell out “Ni**er” with their shirts, PETA submits a crazy ad for the Superbowl, a Miami physician is suspended after a crazy public drunkenness display, more…

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