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January 22, 2024

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— On the Show:

— Pathetic 2024 Republican primary candidate Ron DeSantis ends his campaign in shame with a fake Winston Churchill quote, immediately endorsing Donald Trump

— The Ron DeSantis campaign was clearly in shambles for weeks, and an interview earlier this weekend reinforced that his campaign was imminently ending

— Failed former President Donald Trump suffers a scary cognitive failure during a rally in Concord, New Hampshire during which he is visibly disoriented and blames Nikki Haley for January 6 Washington DC security

— 2024 Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley suddenly jumps on the Donald Trump dementia situation after Trump blames her for January 6 Washington DC security failures

— Nikki Haley is finally attacking Donald Trump, but is it too little too late to make a difference?

— MAGA attendees at Donald Trump’s rally in Manchester, New Hampshire head for the exits as Donald Trump struggles to speak

— Failed former President Donald Trump admits that his latest nickname for Nikki Haley, “Nimbra,” is xenophobic and rooted in her Indian ethnicity

— Republicans are increasingly panicking about the 2024 election as they realize they have no accomplishments to speak of

— Joe Tacopina, one of Donald Trump’s lawyers, quits in the middle of major trials and gives an interview to Al Sharpton during which he explains nothing about his decision

— New polling shows that only 20% of the country would vote for Trump over Biden if Trump were convicted of crimes

— Voicemail caller was targeted by the constant scams impersonating David Pakman, this latest one asking him for $4,000

— On the Bonus Show: CA Governor ends effort to limit tackle football for kids, Scott Peterson taken up by Los Angeles Innocence Project, Senator Tim Scott engaged to be married, much more…

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