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January 19, 2018

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–Classic Interview: Maureen Ennor, Los Angeles-based talk show host, joins David to explain why she is against Macy’s decision to drop Donald Trump’s clothing line over his comments about Mexicans and illegal immigration

–A new Gallup-Knight Foundation survey finds that 42% of Republicans consider accurate news stories that are negative about politicians or a political group to be “always fake news”

–Caller asks what to read in order to develop a better understanding of politics

–Caller wonders if Democrats just call everyone racist

–Caller demands to know the Philadelphia progressive hotline

–Caller questions whether the United States is headed towards a second civil war

–Caller talks about how an isolationist foreign policy would make the United States richer while his mom cooks dinner

–Caller is a left-winger who doesn’t think the Trump-Russia story is a big deal

–Audience Question: How do you explain the horribly low approval rating for Congress despite the very high reelection rate of members?

–Audience Question: What jobs are more difficult than people realize?

–Audience Question: What signals to you that you’ve met an immoral person?

–On the Bonus Show: Human Rights Watch singles out Trump, US Ambassador to Panama quits over Trump’s comments, Denver weighs allowing marijuana use at a coffee shop, and much more…

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