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January 19, 2016

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Today on The David Pakman Show / January 19, 2016

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On the Show:

–Jen Briney, host of the Congressional Dish podcast, which exposes corporate influence in the bills and laws passed by Congress, joins David to discuss which CISA spying provisions were passed as part of the omnibus spending bill

–Just before the most recent Democratic debate, Bernie Sanders released his plan for universal healthcare

–Howard Dean is the latest in a string of Hillary Clinton supporters to say that Bernie Sanders is wrong to support a single-payer health care plan

–Some of the Oregon militia members led by Ammon Bundy could face lengthy prison sentences

–Presidential candidate Marco Rubio said the United States should not have made any concessions to Iran

–The US leads the world in gun deaths and that lead is growing

–All lanes of San Francisco’s Bay Bridge were re-opened yesterday 90 minutes after Black Lives Matter protesters shut down & blocked all westbound traffic; dozens were arrested

–Fox News television host Bill O’Reilly has threatened to flee the United States if Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is elected President

–Paul Misener, Amazon’s vice president for global public policy, said that the company has very specific targets for “Prime Air”; a drone delivery service

–Voicemail on Bernie in White House & TDPS on MSNBC

–On the Bonus Show: Lychee fruit causes deaths in India, sales of El Chapo’s shirt soar, SpaceX fails another ship landing, more…

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