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January 12, 2018

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–On the Show:

–US Senate Democrats release a report about Vladimir Putin’s interference in elections worldwide that shows the Russian government has meddled in the elections of at least nineteen foreign countries

–Caller enjoyed David’s interview with libertarian Colin Moriarty

–Caller reports a Republican lawmaker has signed on in support of net neutrality

–Caller wonders if there is a distinction between leaking the personal emails of politicians versus celebrities

–Caller questions why TDPS shares some advertisers with The Ben Shapiro Show

–Caller talks about Ohio removing those who haven’t voted in recent election cycles off the voter roles

–Caller is a Trump supporter and is thrilled with the president’s first year in office

–Caller is a left-winger but doesn’t entirely buy the Trump-Russia collusion story

–Caller advocates for keeping kratom legal

–Caller has a complicated conspiracy theory that involves Russia, Donald Trump, and the 2018 World Cup

–Audience Question: In light of the recent abortive Trump-Republican tax plan, how would you design a tax plan?

–Audience Question: In the era of Trump and most Alabama Republicans voting for an alleged serial child sex offender, does the “moral high ground” in politics even matter anymore?

–Audience Question: Are there cultural references that today’s college students don’t understand?

–On the Bonus Show: China wants an orderly exit from Bitcoin mining, climate change turns sea turtles female, many businesses going cashless, and much more…

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