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Guests on the program have included elected public officials, political candidates, members of the military, film producers, outrageous bigots, scientists, authors, and many more. Guests are alphabetized by last name.

Following are some of the guests who have been on the program:

Gad Saad,

Professor of Marketing at Concordia University and author of The Consuming Instinct and The Evolutionary Bases of Consumption

Sam Sacks,

writer, reporter and co-founder of the watchdog news website, The District Sentinel

Marc Sageman,

former CIA operations officer and Senior Fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute’s Center for the Study of Terrorism

Joseph Sakran,

clinician and researcher at Johns Hopkins Hospital, former victim of gun violence, and founder of the #thisisourlane social media movement

Susan Saladoff,

Director of documentary Hot Coffee

Jackie Salit,

President of Independent Voting

Susie Sampson,

Tea Party Report

Jamie Samson,

author and animal behavior research scientist

Mark Sandlin,

Presbyterian minister, co-founder of The Christian Left and a blogger for The Huffington Post, Sojourners Magazine and

Crispin Sartwell,

Associate Professor of Philosophy at Dickinson College, author of a number of books in political theory and aesthetics

Debra Satz,

Professor of Philosophy at Stanford University

Anthony Scaramucci,

former White House Communications Director under Donald Trump

Abby Schachter,

Author of No Child Left Alone: Getting Government Out of Parenting

Frank Schaeffer,

writer, author if Why I Am an Atheist Who Believes in God, former fundamentalist evangelical Christian

Jan Schakowsky,

Democratic US Congresswoman from Illinois

Erica Scharrer,

Professor of Communication at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Jacki Schechner,

editor-in-chief of

Cliff Schecter,

Nationally syndicated columnist & political strategist

Maya Schenwar,

Editor-in-chief of Truthout, and author of Locked Down, Locked Out: Why Prison Doesn’t Work and How We Can Do Better

Bill Scher,

Contributing Editor to Politico Magazine

Phyllis Schlafly,

Conservative activist, author, and founder of the Eagle Forum

Mathew Schmid,

Executive Director of Tree Media Group

Bruce Schneier,

Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School

JD Scholten,

Democratic candidate in the 4th Congressional District of Iowa

Brooks Schuelke,

personal injury lawyer from Austin, Texas

Natasha Dow Schull,

cultural anthropologist and associate professor at New York University

Brigid Schulte,

Author of the New York Times bestseller Overwhelmed: Work, Love and Play when No One has the Time

Paul Schulte,

Honorary Professor at Birmingham University and expert on drone warfare

Stephan Schwartz,

futurist and columnist for the journal Explore

Barry Schwartz,

Professor of Psychology at Swarthmore College and author of The Paradox of Choice

Jerri-Lynn Scofield,

Author and lawyer

Gray Scott,

futurist and techno-philosopher. Gray has been featured on Discovery channel, VICE Motherboard, CBS News, NY Post and Psychology Today. He is the CEO and founder of”

Hugh Sealy,

Professor in the Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine at St. George’s University

Sam Seder,

Host of Majority Radio

Tina Seelig,

Professor of Practice at Stanford School of Engineering

Andrew Seidel,

civil rights and Constitutional attorney with the Freedom from Religion Foundation

Alex Seitz-Wald,

Political reporter at

Jordan Sekulow,

Conservative talk show host, civil rights attorney, and Director of International Operations for the American Center for Law and Justice

Bakari Sellers,

CNN political commentator and former Member of SC Statehouse

Jen Senko,

Award Winning Filmmaker of current documentary film release THE BRAINWASHING OF MY DAD, now on demand and in select cinemas

Ella Al Shamahi,

paleoanthropologist, comic, documentary presenter, and National Geographic explorer

Ben Shapiro,

Breitbart News Editor at Large & author of Bullies: How the Left’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences America

Abdullah Sharif,

Peace diplomat to Afghanistan on behalf of the US

Michael Shea,

Producer and Director of Red State

Kendal Sheets,

author of Book of Mormon, Book of Lies

John Sheirer,

Author of Tales of a Real American Liberal

Jonathan Sheldon,

film writer and director

Ellen Shell,

Contributing Editor at The Atlantic

Chris Shelton,

Former high-level Scientologist. He was a Scientologist for 27 years and is the author of the recent book Scientology: A to Xenu – An Insider’s Guide to What Scientology is Really All About

Scott Shepherd,

former Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan in Tennessee, reformed racist

Rachel Sherman,

Associate Professor of Sociology at the New School in New York and author of the book  “Uneasy Street: Anxieties of Affluence”

Nancy Sherman,

Author of AFTERWAR: Healing the Moral Wounds of Our Soldiers, Professor of Philosophy at Georgetown University

Michael Shermer,

publisher of Skeptic Magazine, a New York Times bestselling author, and monthly columnist for Scientific American

David Shimer,

fellow at Yale University and author

Walid Shoebat,

Reformed Palestinian terrorist, Walid Shoebat Foundation

Seth Shostak,

Senior Astronomer at the SETI Institute in California, a research organization interested in life beyond Earth

Seth Shostak,

Senior Astronomer at the SETI Institute in California, a research organization interested in life beyond Earth

Michael Shure,

The Young Turks

David Shuster,

Host of Take Action News, former Fox News & MSNBC reporter

Steve Siebold,

Author of Sex Politics Religion: How Delusional Thinking is Destroying America

Josh Silver,

Executive Director and Co-Founder of FreePress

David Silverman,

President of American Atheists

David Simpson,

Founder and Executive Director of theCommonwealth Center for Change & Storefront Art is live in studio

David Sinclair,

Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School

Kevin Sinnott,

Author of The Art and Craft of Coffee and creator/host of CoffeeCon The Consumer Coffee Festival.

David Sirota,

Progressive talk radio host and author of “Back to Our Future”

Anthony Skews,

Australia-based political scientist

Chris Slattery,

Founder of EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers

Tyson Slocum,

Director of Public Citizen’s Energy Program

Tracy Van Slyke,

Project Director at The Media Consortium & author

Hedrick Smith,

Executive Producer of “The Democracy Rebellion”

Richard Smith,

Professor Psychology and author ofThe Joy of Pain: Schadenfreude and the Dark side of Human Nature

Craig Smith,

Chairman of Swiss America

Guy Snodgrass,

retired American naval aviator who served as Jim Mattis’s speechwriter and Chief of Communications

Christopher Snowdon,

Director of Lifestyle Economics at the Institute of Economic Affairs, a free market think tank based in London

Jason Sokol,

Professor of History and author of All Eyes Are Upon Us: Race and Politics from Boston to Brooklyn: The Conflicted Soul of the Northeast

Kristen Soltis,

Republican strategist, The Winston Group

Will Sommer,

tech reporter for The Daily Beast and author of “The Right Richter” newsletter on conservative media

Tamler Sommers,

Professor of Philosophy at the University of Houston and co-host of the podcast Very Bad Wizards

Christina Hoff Sommers,

Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute

Roger Sorkin,

Producer and director of The Burden: Fossil Fuel, the Military and National Security, the executive producer at his production company Sorkin Strategic Communications, and a fellow with the Truman National Security Project.

Jeff Speck,

City planner and author of Walkable City: How Downtown Can Save America, One Step at a Time

Richard Spencer,

white nationalist Editor of and President of The National Policy Institute

Aaron Spitz,

Urologist Dr. Aaron Spitz, a national expert on men’s health who routinely demystifies taboo but important information about male sexual functioning and male fertility

Robert Spitzer,

Distinguished Service Professor of Political Science at SUNY Cortland and author of the book Guns Across America

Greydon Square,

atheist rapper

Richard Stallman,

Founder and Leader of the free software movement

Norm Stamper,

retired Seattle Police Chief and representatives of the Law Enforcement Action Partnership

Kory Stamper,

lexicographer at Merriam-Webster who also appears in their “Ask the Editor” series

Jason Stanley,

Yale University professor and author

Ken Stanley,

associate professor of computer science at the University of Central Florida specializing in AI and machine learning, inventor of the NEAT algorithm, and also the co-author of the new book Why Greatness Cannot Be Planned

Ervin Staub,

Professor of Psychology at the University of Massachusetts, expert on mass violence and genocide, Abu Ghraib trial expert witness

Rachel Stavis,

Our interview with “exorcist” Rachel Stavis

Josh Stearns,


Jill Stein,

Green Party Presidential & Massachusetts Gubernatorial candidate

Katherine Stewart,

writer for The New York Times, The Nation, the Guardian and others; and the author of The Good News Club: The Christian Right’s Stealth Assault on America’s Children

Robin Stewart-DeMartino,

Director of CitySprout

Jack Stilgoe,

Associate Professor of Science and Technology Studies at University College London

Roger Stone,

political consultant, former adviser to Donald Trump, and author of the new book “The Making of the President 2016”

Larry Stone,

Author of the books, Noah: The Real Story,The Story of the Bible, and Women of the Bible

Karen Straughan,

Vocal anti-feminist who’s been blogging about feminism, masculinity and gender politics since 2010

Benjamin Studebaker,

PhD student at the University of Cambridge

Reed Summers,

Director of the Society for the New Message from God and Son of the self-proclaimed Messenger of God Marshall Vian Summers

Cass Sunstein,

author and professor at Harvard Law School

Vermin Supreme,

Perennial political candidate from various local state and national elections who was running for president and as a democratic primary candidate in New Hampshire

Jim Suttle,

Democratic Mayor of Omaha, Nebraska

Elizabeth Swavola,

Senior Program Associate at the Vera Institute of Justice and author of the recent report Overlooked: Women and Jails in an Era of Reform

Jeff Szymanski,

Jeff Szymanski, physician and executive director of the international OCD Foundation

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