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February 7, 2013

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Today on The David Pakman Show / February 7, 2013

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On the Show:

–World View with Denis Campbell, Editor-in-Chief of UK Progressive Magazine, looks at a potential security flaw involving the White House, Pentagon, consulates and embassies.

–Bill O’Reilly says that Ted Nugent’s “straight talk is what the Republican Party needs.”

–Bill O’Reilly absurdly claims that NBC hasn’t covered drones, even though it was NBC that leaked the drone memo, breaking the story, and covered it on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show.

–Fox News and Steve Doocy speculate that Hillary Clinton had a facelift.

–A new Public Policy Polling study shows that Fox News’ credibility is lower than ever, and that more people trust Comedy Central for news than Fox News.

–After denouncing George W. Bush’s security measures, President Obama has expanded them, and even hunted down whistleblowers.

–‘Ex-gay’ crusader Matt Moore, who publicly bragged about being ‘cured,’ is caught trolling for men on mobile app Grindr.

–Sir Darryl Roberts does a research call to try to find David some paparazzi-proof sunglasses.

–Lawmakers start to propose liability insurance for US gun owners.

–Voicemail on last names, wine, and the 70-year-old coach who defended himself by shooting his attackers.

–On the Bonus Show: Reality TV show faked, abolishing the patent system, the world’s busiest airports, more…

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