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February 5, 2019

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–On the Show:

–Our long form deep dive into conspiracy theories and conspiratorial thinking, produced in partnership with former television director Natan Pakman and his Natan’s Notes YouTube channel

–The bogus talking point that “economic sanctions destroyed Venezuela” is unfortunately spreading like wildfire among the left

–Federal prosecutors have subpoenaed countless documents from Donald Trump’s inaugural committee, which is increasingly embroiled in possible criminality

–A third Trump-owned golf club fires undocumented immigrants, and questions about criminality continue to increase

–David is ready to cross some 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates off of his list of candidates that he might support

–Official transcripts of Donald Trump Jr and Jared Kushner’s respective testimonies to the House Intelligence Committee may soon be turned over to Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller

–Top gay conversion therapist David Matheson comes out as gay, but still mostly defends the practices of so-called “ex-gay therapy”

–Caller asks whether Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro might end up fleeing to China rather than the Latin American countries David mentioned on a previous show

–On the Bonus Show: USA powerlifting bans trans women from competing as women, obesity-related cancers rising fastest among millenials, many Patriots players won’t be visiting the White House, much more…

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