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February 3, 2015

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Today on The David Pakman Show / February 3, 2015

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On the Show:

–Nancy Altman, co-author of Social Security Works!: Why Social Security Isn’t Going Broke and How Expanding It Will Help Us All, joins David to discuss the reality of the financial stability of Social Security

–Rand Paul claims that vaccines can cause “profound mental disorders”

–Tom Wheeler, Chairman of the FCC, mocks companies who claim that customers don’t need faster internet

–A terrified Seattle police officer pepper sprays Jesse Hagopian as he casually walks by her while on his cell phone

–Congressman Chris Smith, Chairman of a Republican House subcommittee on human rights, says that homosexual rights are not human rights

–The New England Patriots win the Super Bowl

–NBC cuts away from Doug Baldwin’s pooping touchdown celebration during the Super Bowl

–Mike Huckabee suggests that accepting gay marriage is like forcing Jews to serve bacon-wrapped shrimp

–A toddler shoots and wounds both of his parents with one shot

–Mitt Romney announces that he will not run for President in 2016

–Voicemail on the pronunciation of “Koch”

–On the Bonus Show: Iceland is building a Norse temple, Singapore puts the smack-down on using cellphones while driving, a typo causes the collapse of a 124-year-old family business, more…

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