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February 29, 2024

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— On the Show:

— Dr. John Gartner, former assistant professor at Johns Hopkins University Medical school, founder of Duty to Warn, and co-editor of “Rocket Man: Nuclear Madness and the Mind of Donald Trump,” joins David to weigh in on what is happening cognitively for President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. Get the book:

— The Supreme Court decides to hear Donald Trump’s immunity case in April, effectively delaying one of his criminal trials

— Yet another judge, this one in Illinois, orders Donald Trump removed from the primary ballot for his role in inciting the January 6, 2021 riots

— Despite being a billionaire, Donald Trump does not have the cash to pay his bond and is begging the court for a discourse

— Hunter Biden testifies in a closed hearing, exposing the desperation of Republicans

— Hunter Biden’s testimony was such an uncontroversial event, even Fox News host Neil Cavuto realizes it’s no big deal

— CNN reporter Boris Sanchez brutally takes down Republican Congressman Tim Burchett’s wild claims about the supposed “Biden crimes”

— Alina Habba, Donald Trump’s on-again-off-again lawyer, is brutally caught lying about the cash that Donald Trump actually does not have

— A confused Donald Trump melts down in a series of Truth Social videos, attacking President Joe Biden’s supposed “dementia”

— Tyler Boebert, the son of family values Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, reportedly robbed a woman suffering from a brain tumor in his alleged string of criminality

— Voicemail caller clarifies that David deserves to make money by hosting the show

— On the Bonus Show: Reviewing SCOTUS arguments about bump stocks and machine guns, Florida’s outrageous response to measles outbreak, Wendy’s clarifies it will not raise prices during busiest times with surge pricing, much more…

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