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February 22, 2017

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–On the Show:

–Bill Oglesby, Assistant Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University’s Robertson School of Media and Culture, joins David to discuss the documentary film he produced and directed “GerryRIGGED: Turning Democracy On Its Head”

–Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov confirms that the Russian government had been in touch with Donald Trump’s advisers during the campaign

–President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago visits and family travel expenses have cost the American taxpayer $11.3 million in just one month, nearly as much as President Obama’s grand total for his first year in office

–Hatriot Mail

–The David Pakman Show is giving away free bags of coffee when viewers sign up for membership at

–On Election Day, Sergei Krivov, an employee of the Russian consulate in New York City was found dead at his office with blunt trauma head injuries; the incident is only now being revealed to the public

–During Donald Trump’s recent rally in Florida, supporters held up signs behind the President advertising “,” a page that redirects to an extremist website

–A TDPS clip that puts Donald Trump’s reading ability into question goes viral in France

–Voicemail alleges that David was “okay” with Hillary Clinton lying to Congress under oath

–On the Bonus Show: Uber hires Eric Holder, Fireball is the official drink of DC Trump supporters, NPR creates a team to investigate Trump’s conflicts of interest and much more…

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