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February 2, 2023

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— On the Show:

— Jesse Dollemore, host of “Dollemore Daily” and the “I Doubt It” podcast, fills in for David while he’s on vacation

— Matt Gaetz and David Cicilline propose amendments regarding saying the pledge of allegiance before judiciary hearings

— Marjorie Taylor Greene asks about critical race theory and drag queen story hour at a committee hearing

— Alexandria Ocasio Cortez shows Republicans how to ask serious questions in a committee hearing

— House Speaker Kevin McCarthy gets asked about the lack of Republican credibility on the debt and deficit

— Radical Christians are joined by members of Congress for a strange prayer event

— Mike Lindell goes on Jimmy Kimmel and makes a fool out of himself by appearing in a claw machine

— OAN hosts an exclusive interview with disgraced Congressman George Santos

— Representative Dusty Johnson clashes with CNN’s Jim Sciutto about budget cuts

— Ron Klain lists Joe Biden’s accomplishments in rapid-fire succession

— On the Bonus Show: Jesse Dollemore co-hosts alongside Brittany Page

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