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February 14, 2017

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–On the Show:

–The first part of our interview with Peter Boghossian, faculty member in Portland State University’s Philosophy Department and author of the book “A Manual for Creating Atheists,” who joined David to discuss critical thinking, political correctness, and free speech

–Michael Flynn, President Trump’s National Security Adviser, resigns just weeks into the Trump administration over speculation that he discussed sanctions with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyev

–Amidst parts of the Trump-Russia blackmail dossier being confirmed, The National Security Agency (NSA) is hiding information from the President as they investigate his ties to the foreign power

–This week’s top images from David’s Instagram account

–Donald Trump had his first call with Russian President Vladimir Putin and according to US officials, Trump had to pause the call to ask his advisers what the New START treaty was before denouncing it when the call resumed

–Stephen Miller, President Trump’s Senior Policy Adviser, goes on all the Sunday morning talk shows and makes outrageously authoritarian comments including “the President will not be questioned, period”

–Russian opposition journalist Vladimir Kara-Murza, Jr. who works for an organization called Open Russia, is suffering from “severe intoxication by an unknown substance”

–According to a new Gallup poll, President Trump’s approval rating has reached a record low, with only 40% of Americans approving of his job performance and 55% disapproving

–Voicemail suggests that Donald Trump has a learning disability

–On the Bonus Show: KKK leader murdered by his own family, mental health professionals say Trump is incapable of being President, Russia Today tweets about Michael Flynn’s “retirement” and much more…

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