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December 9, 2010

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This Week on The David Pakman Show / December 9th, 2010

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On the Show:

–Mark Potok, Director of the Southern Poverty Law Center, joins us live to discuss hate groups, right wing terror, and much more.

–The Obama tax cut compromise with Republicans, why it is bad political strategy, why we should be concerned, how it will hurt democrats in 2012, why it simply makes no sense.

–Do not be fooled that unemployment insurance, tax cuts for the rich, middle class tax cuts and estate taxes have to be connected in one bill.

–We need audience help naming levels of membership, comment or email us with ideas.

— Julian Assange is arrested on rape charges, Bryan Fisher from the American Family Association blames gays for Wikileaks, and a possible trade of Dick Cheney for Julian Assange.

–Poll results about whether Wikileaks is good or bad overall.

–Fox news says the troops aren’t being treated well because they’re only getting a 1.4% pay increase, without mentioning any other reasons, like what wars we send them to, nor the causes for reduced pay increases.

–Another would be violent criminal linked to Glenn Beck.

–Al Sharpton wants the FCC involved in Rush Limbaugh’s recent recent comments, but Al may be misunderstanding the role of the FCC.

— Is serious change coming in America? Is the current combination of events, including Wikileaks, many Democrats unhappy with Barack Obama, the Tea Party, continued low opinion of public officials and more creating the perfect storm for big change?

–New poll on is whether the tax cut compromise be good or bad for democrats and Obama in 2012?

–On the Bonus Show: The Dick Cheney indictment, Walmart dropping pay, news in private space travel, predictions on tax cut compromise, much more

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