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December 7, 2022

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— On the Show:

— The Georgia Senate runoff is won by incumbent Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock, defeating Republican candidate Herschel Walker, which means Democrats will control the senate 51-49 and it is yet another humiliation for MAGA and failed former President Donald Trump

— Fox News propagandist Laura Ingraham did not take Herschel Walker’s loss in Georgia well

— Right-wing personality Jesse Lee Peterson appears on the Dr. Phil show and says things so vile, audience members cry

— A Republican focus group conducted by Frank Luntz quickly goes bad for Donald Trump as the audience shows they are sick of him

— The Trump Organization has been found guilty on 17 counts including various types of fraud

— Failed former President Donald Trump explodes in an outrageous statement over the 17 guilty verdicts against his company

— It is revealed that the January 6 House committee will indeed be making criminal referrals for prosecution

— Honorees at an event for January 6 police refuse to shake Republican Senator Mitch McConnell’s hand

— Fox News is visibly and brazenly lying and spreading misinformation about the “Twitter Files” bombshell that flopped and was not really a bombshell

— Voicemail caller Eric from Mass thinks David “got COVID from the vaccine”

— On the Bonus Show: Dozens of Taylor Swift fans sue Ticketmaster after ticket sale fiasco, Cherokee Nation wants to send a delegate to the House, House panel directs Madison Cawthorn to pay fine for improper cryptocurrency purchase, much more…

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