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December 30, 2010

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This Week on The David Pakman Show / December 30th, 2010

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On the Show:

–The 2010 State of the Show address by David Pakman!

–The best of 2010 with all the most popular, controversial, and hilarious interviews of the year.

–Jesse Ventura talks to us about conspiracy theories and more.

–Richard Clarke reams out Dick Cheney and talks about the potential for cyberwar.

–Matthew Hoh, Iraq war veteran and former foreign service, discusses the evolution of his opinion on the wars the US is fighting.

–Kuzma Tesvich, fourth generation oster fisherman from the Gulf Coast, discusses the devastation to his business from the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

–Officer Michael Carney, who was initially denied reinstatement by the Springfield, Massachusetts police, discusses rejoining the force.

–Peter LaBarbera, anti-gay activist, complains that producer Louis did not tell him our position on gay rights in one of the most memorable interviews of the year.

–Bryan Fischer, from the anti-gay American Family Association, claims there is no such thing as a monogamous gay relationship.

–Our epic Paul Cameron interview glitches and we end up not including it in our highlight show.

–Nate Phelps, estranged son of Fred Phelps and brother of Shirley Phelps-Roper of God Hates Fags Westboro Baptist Church fame discusses the abuse from Fred and escaping the Church.

–Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, talks about bizarre requests from guests and much more.

–Wendell Potter, former CIGNA Vice President, talks about choosing to leave the for profit healthcare industry and his decision to blow the whistle.

–Michael Dukakis, former Massachusetts Governor, talks about Ted Kennedy’s replacement from Massachusetts, and about the Senate filibuster.

–Terry Jones, infamous for planning to burn Korans earlier this year, says that not only are all Muslims going to hell, but so are Jews, homosexuals, and anyone who is not born-again.

–Glenn Miller, racist Senate candidate from Missouri in 2010, accuses David of Jewish media control, comes up with new anti-Semitic terms, and much more in what many call the most outrageous interview of the year.

–Louis responds to the deluge of audience criticism after he tells people to just suck it up when it comes to aggressive TSA patdowns, plus emails about John McCain and much more.

–Louis hosts the last Bonus Show of the year, and interviews David about the biggest mistakes made on the show during 2010, the future of the show, and much more, plus a story about topless pictures of Barack Obama.

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