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December 26, 2018

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–On the Show:

–Richard Ojeda, highly decorated 24-year Army veteran, West Virginia State Senator, and Democratic 2020 Presidential candidate, joins David to discuss the state of American politics and his 2020 presidential campaign

–The American economy and country continue to freefall as Donald Trump stumbles about aimlessly at the White House during the Christmas long weekend

–Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis resigns over differences with Trump, and Trump immediately fires him, pushing his exit date up to 2 months sooner than Mattis planned

–Donald Trump’s decision to abruptly remove US troops from Syria was so erratic that General Wesley Clark asserts American allies are wondering whether Trump may have been blackmailed into the decision

–Noam Chomsky believes that the US should maintain troops in Syria, despite Donald Trump’s erratic decision to leave, as the Taliban cheers the planned withdrawal of US troops

–Donald Trump stages a bogus photo op in the Oval Office over the Christmas holiday where he is pictured signing a stack of fake bills of which there is no record

–Donald Trump tells a 7-year-old boy that believe in Santa at his age is “marginal,” showing that he bungles even the simplest tasks

–Voicemail caller wonders how David can oppose Trump’s criminality given that David voter for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential election

–On the Bonus Show: Avoiding prosecution by discussing gender issues, Japan’s record population decline, North Korean basketball continues, much more…

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