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December 21, 2015

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Today on The David Pakman Show / December 21, 2015

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On the Show:

–Amos Kamil, playwright, screenwriter, and investigative reporter whose 2012 cover story in The New York Times Magazine brought the Horace Mann scandal to light, joins David to discuss his breaking of the Horace Mann sexual abuse scandal and the aftermath

–The Bernie Sanders voter data scandal; is it just nonsense?

–Is the DNC conspiring to bring down Bernie Sanders?

–Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have some agreements on Middle East policy

–Noteworthy Amazon items: Carhartt, Star Wars merchandise

–Bernie Sanders has far more support than Donald Trump, yet Trump gets 23x the media coverage

–Now is the time for some wonderful, and unusual, Christmas carols

–The US House of Representatives passed a 2,000-page budget bill that contains the entirety of the controversial Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act; Obama signed it and no one noticed

–Models working in France will now need a medical certificate from a doctor to prove they are healthy and not dangerously thin under a new law approved by French elected officials

–Voicemail on Louis accidentally having kids

–On the Bonus Show: Dutch museum to rename “offensive” pieces, Tim Cook calls Apple tax evasion claims “total political crap,” Steve Harvey calls the wrong Miss Universe winner, more…

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