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December 15, 2011

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This Week on The David Pakman Show / December 15th, 2011

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On the Show:

–Catherine Crier, the youngest elected state judge in Texas history, Emmy-winning journalist, and author of Patriot Acts: What Americans Must Do to Save the Republic, joins us to discuss her book and more.

–Mitt Romney tries to bet Rick Perry $10,000 over a political issue, while having claimed he is part of the middle class, unemployed, and “everyman.”

–Mitt Rommey gets confronted by a gay veteran while campaigning in New Hampshire.

–Newt Gingrich pledges not to have a third affair if he is elected President, and reaffirms his opposition to marriage equality.

–Marriage hits an all time low.

–Newt Gingrich blames Hillary Clinton for his support of the individual healthcare mandate, confirming he doesn’t respect the Constitution as much as he claims to.

–Questions pouring in about Natan’s microphone problems.

–Accusations that a War on Christmas exists are up and running again.

–Rick Perry admits he’s a Christian in an incredibly bigoted, anti-gay campaign ad, and also states that he wants a constitutional amendment for prayer in schools.

–Pat Robertson advises a woman having serious financial problems that she must keep tithing money to her church, and that the money belongs to God.

–David’s TSA patdown video filmed at Bradley International Airport, which TSA agents and supervisors tried to stop, as well as David’s conversation with the officers.

–Fox News’ Gretchen Carlson is shocked when a Fox News poll says people think Obama will win in 2012.

–Also, another weird Fox News graphic they hoped you wouldn’t notice.

–Emails on “hyper” 5-year-old handcuffed, Morality with Motamedi abortion scenario, Rick Santorum on gay sex, and more.

–On the Bonus Show: New bill allows indefinite military detention, CEO pay jumps 27% last year, possible China movie ban, more.

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