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December 1, 2017

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–On the Show:

–President Trump is considering selecting Thomas Brunell to run the 2020 census, a man who wrote a book about how to redistrict in a way that makes elections less competitive, presumably to gerrymander districts across the country and guarantee Republican majorities

–Caller believes online trolling and internet anonymity to be a major problem

–Caller wonders if there is any way to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace

–Caller proposes most of the recent sexual misconduct stories have been about liberals

–Caller can communicate with his pets and suggests having a telepathic connection with them

–Caller asks David who his favorite president is

–Caller suspects an economic crash is upon us

–Caller wonders if David would take a job with MSNBC or another corporate media outlet

–Caller asks about YouTube channels dedicated to criticizing TDPS

–Caller plans on going vegan and asks Producer Pat for advice

–Audience Question: What cryptocurrencies do you currently hold?

–Audience Question: Are you willing to cancel your cable and internet service if net neutrality is repealed?

–Audience Question: Are there still political disqualifiers?

–On the Bonus Show: Pokemon GO has caused more than 10,000 traffic accidents, man plans to prove the earth is flat by launching himself in a rocket, tobacco companies admit cigarettes are addictive in ads, and much more…

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