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August 9, 2021

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–On the Show:

–Farron Cousins, host of Farron Balanced and Ring of Fire, fills in for David

–The Department of Homeland Security is warning of violence from conspiracy theorist Trump supporters who believe Trump will be reinstated as president soon

–Trump supporters are headed back to the Capitol on September 18th as part of a “Justice for J6” rally

–Trumpist attorney Lin Wood suffers another defeat in the federal courts, this time on a case arguing the rules of the 2021 US Senate runoff elections in Georgia

–Louisiana Republican Senator Bill Cassidy says on CNN’s State of the Union that he disagrees with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s decision to ban mask mandates

–A Morning Consult poll finds that 56% of adults believe companies should require COVID-19 vaccinations for their employees and customers

–A former Newsmax host named Dick Farrel dies of complications due to COVID-19 after spending the last year calling coronavirus a “scamdemic” and then having a deathbed conversion about the virus and the vaccine

–Donald Trump is furious with some Senate Republicans for working to pass Joe Biden’s infrastructure proposal

–The US Postal Service will pay $120 million to a contractor that Trumpist Postmaster General Louis DeJoy once led and whose family still holds a stake

–The Republican strategy for the next election cycles is to focus on culture war issues and to strawman progressive positions

–A Republican official from Arizona’s Maricopa County says that he and his family have received death threats after saying the 2020 election was secure

–On the Bonus Show: Alabama miner strike continues, CNN host wants to name COVID variant after DeSantis, student loan moratorium extended, and much more…

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