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August 7, 2023

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— On the Show:

— Donald Trump threatens special prosecutor Jack Smith, leading to a request for a protective order from the Department of Justice

— Failed former President Donald Trump’s fourth indictment is reportedly imminent, this one expected in the state of Georgia

— Donald Trump has a deranged Sunday morning meltdown over the multiple indictments against him, confirming how scared he truly is

— Former Vice President and 2024 Republican presidential candidate Mike Pence admits that he was directly told by Trump insiders to reject the election results

— Supporters of Donald Trump yell at Mike Pence in a parking lot, and Pence yells back

— Failed former President Donald Trump explodes in a deranged speech just one day after his third criminal indictment

— A sweaty and disheveled Donald Trump returns to his longtime plumbing obsession, as well as telling endless corrosive lies, during a speech in South Carolina

— Podcaster and MMA commentator Joe Rogan fully buys into “election fraud” conspiracy theories while recently interviewing Patrick Bet-David

— Republican Congressman Andy Ogles wants to “move forward” with the impeachment of President Joe Biden despite there being no evidence of Biden doing anything worthy of an impeachment

— Voicemail caller believes that David will soon have to get a “real job” because the David Pakman Show is obviously failing

— On the Bonus Show: Florida and College Board battle over AP psych class, ways to improve youth voter turnout, Oregon allows drivers to pump their own gas, and much more…

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