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August 5, 2020

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–On the Show:

–Coronavirus cases appear to have leveled off, but much of it has been led by Florida halting most testing in advance of Hurricane Isaias and California admitting that they have been under-reporting cases for days

–“Trump Derangement Syndrome” isn’t a real thing, but merely a tactic to suppress and dismiss criticism of Donald Trump

–This week’s edition of Hatriot Mail

–Donald Trump appears on Fox News, meant to be a softball interview after his disastrous Axios interview with Jonathan Swan, but still manages to humiliate himself

–Donald Trump and Republicans are registered more voters than Democrats in some key states

–Donald Trump continues to attack vote-by-mail while simultaneously reversing course in Florida and telling all Floridians to register to vote by mail

–Progressive activist Cori Bush defeats 10-term Congressman Lacy Clay in the Democratic primary in Missouri’s 1st Congressional District

–Major shots fired in the progressive media community as Majority Report host Sam Seder wildly and without evidence accuses The David Pakman Show of boosting YouTube subscriber numbers with “bots”

–Voicemail caller thinks the most likely scenario is one where Donald Trump ends up in prison after his presidency is over

–On the Bonus Show: Kobach goes down in Kansas, new guidelines say obesity not defined by weight, Neil Young sues to stop Trump campaign use of his music, much more…

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