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August 5, 2019

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–On the Show:

–Another series of mass shootings, with a clear trend: Donald Trump’s ideology is creating domestic terrorists

–The left is losing the battle of ideas

–Republicans blame video games and warn about Antifa in the aftermath of the El Paso, Texas mass shooting

–Fox News has to interrupt their immigrant bashing to report on an anti-immigrant shooting in El Paso, Texas

–Donald Trump crashes the stock market with even more tariffs despite getting the federal funds rate cut that he has been asking for

–Post-debate polling confirms that the second Democratic debate hasn’t changed much for any of the candidates in terms of their polling

–Voicemail caller confirms he is being unsubscribed from our YouTube channel by YouTube

–On the Bonus Show: Trump admin considering September healthcare plan reveal, trust in scientists is rising, Neil deGrasse Tyson slammed for tweets, much more…

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