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August 4, 2011

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This Week on The David Pakman Show / August  4th, 2011

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–We have a debt ceiling deal, kind of, but it’s terrible, makes a small impact on the whole, is likely to hurt poor people, and is mostly political posturing. Great.

–Republican Congressman Doug Lamborn says working with President Obama on the debt deal is like “touching a tar baby,” then offers a bizarre apology.

–Although a progressive rally gets ten times the attendance as a Tea Party rally, corporate mainstream media give almost no coverage to the progressive rally and exaggerate the Tea Party rally attendance.

–Would no alcohol sales in bars, restaurants, and package stores for 48 hours before presidential elections affect voter turnout and results?

–A Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas is firebombed, but the media is almost silent, even though it would be a national front page story for a week if it had been Marcus Bachmann’s anti-gay therapy clinic.

–Mitt Romney might be the best shot for Republicans in 2012, but his job creation credentials turn out to be completely bogus.

–Michele Bachmann’s hypocrisy, having stated that questions about her husband are irrelevant, even though she has long touted her submissiveness to her husband.

–Koch founded Americans for Prosperity sends absentee ballots for recall elections with a late return date, claims it is a simple mistake.

–Foxconn will replace half a million workers with robots, and we discuss the potential overall effects of the ongoing replacement of workers with technology.

–Fox News is now warning parents that Spongebob is indoctrinating kids, even though Fox’s Gretchen Carlson admits she can’t understand Spongebob…so why would we assume she understands climate change?

–Emails on gamer dying from blood clot, Newt Gingrich caught with tshirts from El Salvador, and Michele Bachmann avoiding questions.

–On the Bonus Show: Feds allegedly allow cocaine into US in exchange for info, judge allows Rumsfeld torture lawsuit, mayor crushes illegally parked car with tank, more.

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