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August 30, 2017

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–On the Show:

–Frank Meeink, former neo-nazi with whom David was once confused on national television, joins David to discuss why white supremacists idolize Donald Trump and ignore his Jewish family ties

–With Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka adding to a long list of recent White House departures, President Trump and Chief of Staff John Kelly appear to be hitting the reset button in the West Wing

–Donald Trump appears at a Hurricane Harvey relief event in Corpus Christi, Texas and goes off the rails by bragging about the crowd turnout while failing to mention victims of the deadly storm

–Hatriot Mail

–President Trump’s job approval hits a record low of 34%-35% in the Gallup daily tracking poll

–Republicans have historically used natural disasters as justification for the expansion of fossil fuel drilling and harvesting, prompting concerns that the cleanup of Hurricane Harvey will continue that trend

–After purchasing Whole Foods for $13.7 billion, Amazon has been cutting the costs of some of the grocery store’s items anywhere from 7% to 43%

–Audio from The David Pakman Show can be heard in the movie “You & Me” written by Hillary and Alexander Baack

–Voicemail caller says she would be so proud to be David’s mom

–On the Bonus Show: Egypt promotes birth control to fight population growth, Fox News pulled off UK airways over low ratings, FDA says MDMA is a breakthrough drug for PTSD patients, and much more…

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