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August 29, 2019

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–On the Show:

–Donald Trump reportedly promised pardons to staffers who break the law to force the building of the US-Mexico border wall, which is an impeachable offense

–Donald Trump ends automatic citizenship for the children of many troops and diplomats born abroad, a possible entry point to repealing birthright citizenship altogether

–Notable discussions from the TPDS subreddit including about the thinning 2020 Democratic field, and about David’s hair

–CNN deceptively hides the reality that Bernie Sanders has a massive lead over Donald Trump in hypothetical 2020 polling

–Fox News host Shepard Smith destroys Donald Trump over his lies, increasingly drawing the ire of the President

–Donald Trump is fed up with Fox News and completely turns on the right wing network in yet another erratic tweetstorm

–YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki effectively says it’s going to get much worse for independent news and politics channels, despite framing her announcement as great news

–Joe Biden appears to forget Barack Obama’s name during a recent campaign appearance

–Voicemail caller asks which issues will decide the 2020 election

–On the Bonus Show: O’Rourke campaign blasts Breitbart, invisible-ink stamps to identity Japanese gropers sell out in minutes, much more…

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