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August 21, 2020

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–On the Show:

–Former Trump senior adviser Steve Bannon was arrested on fraud charges for his involvement in a private “build the wall” scheme

–A new CNN poll finds that nearly 70% of Americans find Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic “embarrassing”

–Caller reluctantly is voting for Joe Biden to get Donald Trump out of office

–Caller wants us to discuss the election systems of all of the states

–Caller asks about the future of the progressive movement

–Caller has a crazy story about being arrested for chasing down anti-Trumpists

–Caller talks about electoral reform

–Caller asks about Ben Shapiro being dumb or evil

–Caller wants other progressive independent media recommendations

–Audience Question: Should Trump replace Pence on the ticket?

–Audience Question: Why do most white people vote Republican?

–Audience Question: How do we fix income inequality?

–On the Bonus Show: Joe Biden accepts the Democratic nomination, Trump goes on Hannity, and much more…

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