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August 20, 2012

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Today on The David Pakman Show / August 20, 2012

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On the Show:

–Lynn Parramore, Contributing Editor at AlterNet, explains why the defenses we’ve heard so far about Paul Ryan’s alleged insider trading simply don’t hold up.

–Republican Senate Nominee Todd Akin says that victims of what he calls “legitimate rape” don’t get pregnant because the body “shuts the whole thing down.”

–Pregnant teen dies after an abortion ban delays her chemotherapy treatment for leukemia.

–Paul Ryan sponsored a bill that would potentially allow rapists to stop their victims from having an abortion.

–David book recommendation: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and the two sequels that follow by John Le Carré.

–The economy and the 2012 election.

–What’s in those Romney tax returns that could be so damaging? What about Romney’s investment in aborted fetus disposal firm Stericycle?

–Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello smacks down Paul Ryan for saying Rage is his favorite band.

–A voicemail criticizing David turns out to be one big misunderstanding about Mitt Romney not identifying a chocolate doughnut.

–Mainstream media is ignoring melting Arctic ice.

–Paul Corby is being denied a heart transplant because he is autistic.

–Voicemail & email including angry emails to David, Julian Assange, and much more.

–On the Bonus Show: Megadeth frontman says Obama staged recent shootings, Ukraine angry with Spongebob, pre-DNA virgin birth test, much more.

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